Why Choose Us?

CMG Professional Training is one of Irelands leading training specialists offering and unique CPD certified courses for professionals and executives in Healthcare, Built Industry, Business and Management, Environmental and Law. What makes a CMG Professional Training course different is the unique interaction, research and consultation that takes place between CMG and the particular sector the training is targeted at. This gives us a clear focus on what YOU need in your training, therefore eliminating wasted time, and maximising the value of your training investment.

At CMG Professional Training, we aim to ensure you come to our training facilities, interact with the tutor, ask questions pertinent to your particular organisation, position or requirement and leave to return to your place of work fully armed with new confidence, knowledge, skills and understanding that will immediately impact positively in your work environment and career.

CMG Professional Training are leaders in the training world because we talk to our clients, we research their needs and we consult with professionals and executives weekly to ensure you receive the maximum relevant training, presented in short course format. Being official CPD Providers, we also know the importance of continual professional development and our clients are assured of receiving quality training and career development knowledge. That’s one of the reasons CMG enjoy one of the highest repeat customer levels in the training industry.

Bespoke Training

CMG Professional Training can tailor any course to suit your organisation’s requirements and deliver it onsite. We understand that while you may have found the perfect course to attend, there can always be a catch – the date doesn’t suit, maybe the location doesn’t or there are just a couple of points missing from the content that you’d really like covered. That’s where our bespoke, in-house training comes in – we can tailor the perfect course for you, at a perfect time for you.

Contact Jenny Conaghy (01 293 4765) to get more information on our courses, book a place or enquire about in-house training.