March 22, 2022
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Course Description

If there is one key concern for those working with construction contracts, undoubtedly that is getting paid. However, construction projects rarely run entirely smoothly and if the issue of non-payment does arise, parties may be forced to either bring or defend a claim for non-payment at conciliation, adjudication and/or arbitration. Equally COVID-19 has had a big impact on claims, with projects being stalled and delayed across the country, so where do you stand?

This course will answer these tricky questions and other situations that can arise on site. At the end of the course attendees will receive a full course pack to refer back to, which may prove invaluable, and will have an opportunity to engage in highly informative discussions with an experienced professional, as well as others working within the same field.

Some key questions to be asked include:

·   What affects has Covid-19 had on money and delay claims?

·   What is the legality on documents issued ‘for information only’?

·   Who needs to be aware of whatever gives rise to the claim?

·   When should the notice under clause 10.3.1 of the PWC be triggered?

·   What level of particularisation is required in the follow-up documents?

·   If an employer delay is the ‘dominant cause’, what is the contractor entitled to?

Course Content

Irish construction contracts, how they deal with money and delay claims

Public Works Contract




The law of damages

Establishing a breach of contract



Mitigation of loss

Dealing with money claims

Gathering the evidence

Preparing your case

Negotiating the bottom line

Set off - Abatement

Dealing with time claims

Assessing delay

Programming and delay analysis  

Concurrent delay

When a dispute arises

Preparing for a conciliation

Preparing for an adjudication

Money and delay claims due to Covid-19

Force majeure

Calculating losses

Presenting a claim to the employer

Who Should Attend?

This course is aimed at construction professionals and lawyers who are employed by or who may act for employers (public and private), contractors and sub-contractors in the construction industry.


On completion of this one-day training course, you will receive your Certificate of Attendance. Please note certificates are issued at the close of the training course to participants on completion of the course.

Please check directly with your association or awarding body to see how many points they will award.


This course costs €465 (Early-bird) normal rate is €565.

PLEASE NOTE THE EARLY BIRD RATE CLOSES 3 WEEKS PRIOR TO COURSE DATE. The course cost includes all course documentation and Certificates of Attendance.


Robert Rooney
Associate, Construction & Engineering Dublin

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