October 13, 2021
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Course Description

The aim of a successful negotiation is to end with benefits for both sides. However, not all negotiations happen that way and quite a few could end up not coming out the way you wanted or envisaged, or possibly ending up with a bad deal, and in the worst-case scenario, a failed negotiation agreement can make the situation worse and lead to even greater conflict.

After this one-day course, you will leave with the skills and confidence to enter into a negotiation situation with renewed confidence and knowledge. You also receive our full tutorial pack which will allow you to refer back to your course content after the course is finished, enabling you to continue to access key points and refresher topics as you need them.

Course Content

  • What are the principles of negotiation?
  • How to understand and develop the psychology of negotiation excellence
  • What should you do to prepare for negotiations?
  • What are the characteristics of an effective negotiator?
  • Do you have them? Can you learn them?
  • How much value is placed on building trust between the parties?
  • Negotiation Styles – what’s your style?
  • Options to handle intimidation and aggression
  • Managing pressure situations and the value of good verbal control in confrontational situations
  • How to recognise and respond to hard-bargaining tactics
  • Are there key phrases / probing questions / tactics that can help?
  • Are there vital negotiation tactics & techniques you must employ?
  • How would you deal with a deadlock situation?
  • The value of recognising body language (signs of strength & weakness)
  • How to spot the tactics being used against you! (And how to counter them)
  • Negotiation in Practice: Exercise & Workshop

Who Should Attend?

For people on the move, or planning to develop their careers, professions or businesses, for those that need to develop a greater understanding and achieve a standard of excellence in negotiation skills, this training programme is for you. Achieving this level of skill can play a key step in your management career and progress, boost your knowledge, skill base and abilities and help develop your company, organisation or institute’s achievements through skilled negotiations.  


On completion of this one-day training course, you will receive your CMG MasterClass Certificate of Attendance in Negotiation Skills. Please note certificates are issued at the close of the training course to participants on completion of the course. You will also receive a full Negotiation Skills course pack to refer back to at any time in the future. Please check directly with your association or awarding body to see how many points they will award.



This training course costs €425 EARLY-BIRD (Normal rate €525). The course cost includes all course documentation, Negotiation Skills training pack and certificates.


Sonya Meekel
Lecturer with T.U. Dublin

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