October 26, 2021
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Course Description

This one-day course is designed to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of Part L and Part F of the Building Regulations.

This course will provide an overview of Energy Conservation and its role in construction, equip attendees with a complete understanding of Part L (Conservation of Fuel & Energy) of the Building Regulations and the Key Changes to TGD Part F 2019 3rd Party Ventilation Validators.

Course Content

Part L of the Building Control Regs

·        The application of Part L dwellings 2017 and non-dwellings 2019

·        The EPBD Directive, EU taxonomy, nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB).

·        Calculation methodologies – NEAP, DEAP,BER, sBEM, SAP, IES, TAS etc

·        Common interpretations – fit outs, process buildings

·        U-Values,backstops, average v overall, glazing ration

·        Thermal Bridging, condensation risk, overheating risk and climate adaption

·        Renewables obligation, district heating, CHP and application to campus sites


Part F of the Building Control Regs

•        Providing for an adequate and effective ventilation system, consistent interpretations.

•        The roles and responsibilities of designers, contractors, suppliers and ventilation verifiers.

•        Key Changes to TGD Part F 2019 3rd Party Ventilation Validators. NSAI Scheme and flowfinder or Testo hood calibration.

•        Different Ventilation Systems. MHRV, Demand controlled,(DCV),decentralised and centralised dMEV, cMEV so called Natural Ventilation with intermittent fans

•        Defined Roles System Designer (M+E Engineer, Architect or supplier/distributer)

•        System Installer (workmanship, pinched ducts, controller, acoustics and filters)

•        Ventilation Performance Tester – validator roles at design, build and commissioning.

Validation outside Agreement, CE marking,testing. ISO 14134 test standard – pressure measurement. (Acceptable range foreach room types)

Supplier provision of design pressures and acceptable levels of workmanship, follow up trades and insulation lagging.

•        Ventilation design and workmanship ownership. workmanship and impact.

•        Void and roof space ventilation.


Archie O'Donnell
BSc(Hons) CABE RIAI(tech) BREEAM AP Registered Building Surveyor

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