Its an Obvious Top 10, but in Plain English

During the course of the last few I have written several articles and made contributions to online sources regarding business, challenges, motivation and so forth.  I have received these requests likely because I have been fortunate to have worked with great people and launched several businesses that have been successful, profitable and lasted the last 15 to 20 years in highly competitive markets here in Ireland (In publishing / media / events / professional education / online). Recently a question was put to me -  What are my personal top tips for success in business, and could these tips relate to people new to business, those that have just launched a business or people who are already in business and perhaps looking at how they operate?

Generally, I really dislike top tips, because there are so many out there, but (A) it got me thinking about what I would put on such a list and (B) I have a healthy ego, so I thought, why not?    

Before I share my top ten tips for business success, I would like to preface this by saying that in my opinion, anyone in the business world who is serious about being successful, must be respected. Its not an easy road! From sales people working to make it up the ladder by delivering great results, or those armed with academic business qualifications, its bloody hard and packed to the gills with a million emotions including, in no particular order, self doubt, stress, determination, self motivation, creativity, lack of creativity, loneliness, the joy of a hard won sale, winning back that difficult client or figuring out the next strategic step. I hope my personal top ten tips for business success give you reason to stop and consider as you plan your strategy for this year - A few of them are so obvious, some maybe not so, but all self explanatory and perhaps they will prompt you to consider your own top ten..     




1) Put yourself in your clients shoes, and consider all the interaction points between your customer and your business - really think about this!

2) Now exceed your clients / customers expectations, at all customer/business interaction points. 

3) Never, ever, become complacent, no matter how well you might be doing - complacency is a business killer! It can creep in over years, and complacency will destroy a business.     

4) Love the business you are in, or get out of it - it wont work in the long run and it will show in the business.

5) Inspect, don't expect! 

6) High flyers need recognition - its in their DNA - make sure they get it!

7) Cash flow is the petrol in your business engine - monitor the cash flow gauge frequently and carefully! 

8) Take no crap - from anyone! You have enough to deal with..  

9) Be inquisitive about your business - seek to improve it, all the time. Why? Where? How? Who?

10) No matter how successful the business, or even at early start stage, make sure you put some financial reserves aside every month. You never know what's around the corner. When the unexpected hits, you will have the financial ability to get through.   


Finally, its worth remembering you don't need to be a top selling author or a business guru ( I am neither!) to draft your own top ten. Stop and think about what's working for you, where do you want to go, or be and by when, set your own top ten agenda and go!   

Wishing you a peaceful and prosperous new year..