Fire Safety Essentials

Brendan Kavanagh is an acknowledged fire expert with over forty years’ experience in fire science, safety and investigation.

His memberships include (to name a few)

• 41 years continuous Membership of the Institution of Fire Engineers (1976 - 2017).• Membership of the Association of Irish Risk Management (1999) and Elected Chairman (Term 2001- 2003).

• Membership of the National Standards Authority of Ireland Fire Safety Standards Consultative Committee (1987) and Chairman of Advisory Group 3.

In this episode, Tony and Brendan discuss fire and fire safety, including what 'sparked' his interest, his previous experiences in dealing with fire and particularly fire safety. He breaks down some potentially life-saving do's and don'ts, and explores the unique challenges of dealing with a fire in a healthcare setting. This was a very interesting chat with Brendan, who is very passionate about his field, and offers some highly useful insights that can be applied in our own lives.

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