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You cannot be in business in construction, and not be exposed to risk. Risk is what makes something profitable, if there was no risk then everyone would be doing it!  

Opportunity and risk always come as a pair. You cannot completely eradicate risk BUT you can mitigate it.

This course, presented by Victor Clarke, who has over 25 year's experience in risk management in the sector, will be an invaluable resource. Victor speaks very frankly and practically on how you can identify risk, understand it, assess it, and most importantly, manage & mitigate risk.

In this course we will cover:

- The 5 main types of risk in construction projects

- How to Predict Risk

- Due Diligence process

- Third party risk

- Managing Risk

- 10 top principles for Managing Risk in construction projects

- Importance of well-drafted contracts in managing risk

This course will be hugely beneficial, whether you are starting in your journey or looking for a refresher. You will understand the principles of managing risk, how to best predict risk before it happens, third party risk to consider, and much more. You will gain insights from lessons learned over 25 years in the Irish construction sector, and the lessons learned from this course could save you a considerable amount on future projects.

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