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Knowing how to manage your time properly is probably the most important personal skill to possess in business. Those who are good time managers are more productive, they don’t miss deadlines and appointments, they focus more and procrastinate less, and overall have a far greater work-life balance.

This course will show you proven techniques and strategies to help you improve your time management. You will learn how to identify your most productive time of the day and harness it. You will learn exactly how and what you should prioritise using the urgent/important matrix. You will also learn the critical skill in good time management, delegation and learning to say “no” to those who demand your time.

By the end of this course will be equipped with the knowledge to dramatically improve your time management, your efficiency, and will greatly help you to reduce unwanted stress.

Course Content Includes:

· How to build an effective work schedule

· How to block your distractions

· How to take productive “deep breaks”

· Using the Urgent / Important Matrix to schedule your daily tasks

· Prioritising, Planning and Preparation

· Delegation

· Learn tactics to deal with unforeseen problems and to get back on track

· How to analyse your personal time behaviour

· Improving your thinking around time management skills

· How to set clear time frames

· Using technology to increase your time productivity

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