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When a new manager is appointed, they need to be trained and brought up to speed as quickly as possible to reduce any efficiency lost due to turnover in management positions.
A new manager who is not familiar with the department, or worse yet, does not truly know how to manage, can frustrate employees and lead to mistakes, a loss in productivity and even a high rate of employee turnover.
The topics covered in this course will arm you with essential management skills, motivation techniques, communication skills and how to handle challenging situations. If you are new to management, or just looking for a refresher, this course will offer practical tips and techniques to allow you to not only succeed, but excel in your new role.

In this course we will cover:

- The 4 Management functions

- The skills required to manage

- The SWOT Analysis

- Management Styles

    - Autocratic
    - Democratic
    - Participative
    - Laissez Faire

- Motivation Techniques

- 6 Principles of Influence

- Conflict Management Techniques

- Customer Satisfaction

- Performance Management

- Key Communication Skills

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